How do I get my project on Suzanne's schedule? 
A 30% deposit is required to schedule and begin the project. 

Will I see a sample of my design? 
Absolutely! Suzanne will create a custom sample board for your project. She will not begin with the application until you are happy with and sign off on the sample board. 

Does Venetian Studios only do interior walls? 
No, Suzanne can also work with flooring, furniture and cabinet re-surfacing, mirrors, glass, canvas, etc. 

What do I need to do before the project start date? 
If possible, remove any breakable objects and art work, and store them in a safe location. Please have the furniture placed in the center of the room, and remove wall hangings from the walls. We will cover the floors and furniture to avoid any damage. Suzanne will discuss what type of base coating is required. In some cases it will be necessary to have an area prepared, prior to beginning the project. Any preparation requirements will be discussed and outlined beforehand. 

Can I use the room while the project is in progress? 
Yes you can. We will clean up at the end of each day, and store our supplies in a designated space, for as little disruption as possible. 

How long does a project usually take? 
Every project and every space is different. Typically, a single room takes between two to three days. The number of layers and difficulty will determine the exact length of the job. Drying time is also something that can't be rushed. 

Will the walls look exactly like the sample?
Since the sample is typically a 2 ft. x 2 ft. board, you should expect slight variations. Existing texture can play a role in the overall look, but we try to get the project as true to the sample as possible. Keep in mind that this is hand finished unique artwork. We always make sure you are satisfied with the end result. 

How far will Suzanne Pratt travel? 
There really aren't many boundaries to Suzanne's work range. She is willing to travel long distances — even to international destinations such as Europe and across Canada, and even Dubai — if she is the right person for the project. Travel expenses can be rolled into your quote. 

Does Suzanne work alone? 
While Venetian Studios is owned and operated by Suzanne Pratt, she has a talented team of artisans who provide additional skills and expertise (if necessary) to complete her conceptual design. Suzanne creates your design and sample boards, and she will complete your project. However, she often has apprentices who assist her with preparation work and cleanup. 

When is payment due? 
Final payment is due when the project is complete.