Glass Backsplash

"Vérre Églomisé"-reverse painting and/or gilding on the back of glass.

This custom back painted glass backsplash was the answer to a problem.  Our client was unable to find a tile appropriate to their taste both in design and colour, so we suggested painting a custom pattern on the back of clear glass in the exact colours they wanted.  We collaborated with their renovation/design and project managers, Gordongroup, who were fantastic to work with.  We thank them for the opportunity to provide this solution!  

What is EXTRA cool about a glass backsplash is there are NO GROUT LINES to worry about and it's easy to keep clean.  Just some glass cleaner, a cloth, and you're done.  There are many other applications where reverse painting on glass can be used such as: privacy windows, door panels, wall panels and even table tops.  

Please contact us to ask about the possibilities of using reverse painted glass in your project!

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